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Oracle Code One 2018

Oracle Code One 2018 was the week before last. Overall I thought it was a good conference, though I was a bit sad to see the retirement of the JavaOne name. It was in Moscone West, which has much better conference facilities than the hotels where JavaOne had been for the previous several years. Unfortunately there seem to be fewer places to hang out where you’d just run into people. The main part of Moscone center is still under construction; perhaps when that finishes things can be rearranged a bit.

Unusually for me, I presented only two talks and one lab this year:

Var With Style: Local Variable Type Inference in Java (slides, video)

Collections Refueled (slides, video)

Lambda Programming Laboratory (exercises)

A “problem” with the conference was that there were a lot of sessions I wanted to attend, but they either conflicted with each other, they conflicted with a talk I was giving, or I ended up talking to people I had run into instead of attending sessions. But this last bit, the “hallway track,” is really what a conference is all about: meeting with and talking to people.

Fortunately, some of the sessions were recorded, so I can still see some of the ones I missed. Here’s a playlist of recordings of those sessions, along with the keynotes. I still have a bunch of them on my “watch later” list.

Some photos I took at the conference are shown below.


Just arrived at Oracle Code One, on Sunday, before the conference. With the “Usual Suspects” ringleader, Amelia:



Dr. Deprecator is in the house!



All ready for my first talk, Var With Style. I guess I look pretty grim here. I was fine, though. I guess I was concentrating on getting the selfie and I forgot to smile!



Getting ready for my second talk. This time I was kinda trying to smile, but it turned out more like a grimace!



With conference buddies Trisha and Simon!



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